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List of Lease Tax Act's

Sr No. Number Subject
1 Form 16 (II) -
2 Form 1 Appliaction for Registration
3 Form 2 Cerificate of Registration
4 Form 3 Application for Cancellation of Registration
5 Form 4 Return-cum-Chalan
6 Form 5 Chalan - Inrespect of payment made otherwise then with the return
7 Form 5 (I) Chalan
8 Form 5 (II) Chalan
9 Form 13 Notice for forfeiture and impossing Panelty
10 Form 6 Application for Permission to submit Returns for different periods in Lieu of Quarterly Returns
11 Form 7 Ordre permitting dealer to submit returns for different periods in lieu of querterly returns
12 Form 8 Application for Grant of Permission to file consolidated returns
13 Form 9 Notice for payement of tax due according to return
14 Form 10 A notice for the purpose of Assessment
15 Form 11 Notice for Reassessment
16 From 12 Notice for Rectification
17 Form 14 Order of assessment of Tax under Maharashtra Sales Tax on the Transfer of Right to use any Goods for any purpose Act 1985
18 Form 15 Final Notice of Assessment
19 Form 16 Refund Payment Order
20 Form 16 (I) Refund Payment Oreder under Maharashtra Sales Tax on the transfer of Rights to use any Goods for any Purpose Act 1985
21 Form 17 Refund Adjustment Order
22 From 18 Decleration regarding specimen of Signature
23 Form 19 Intimation of nomination for signing certificate
24 Form 20 Notice for furnishing of information, for producing books,accounts etc.for inspection
25 Form 22 Appeal against an order of assessment or penalty
26 Form 23 Aplication for Revision
27 Form 24 Notice for order likely to affect the dealer Adversaly under the Maharashtra Sales Tax on the tranfer of the rights to use any goods for any purpose Act 1985
28 From 25 Certificate regarding Payment of Tax
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