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List of Profession Tax Act's

Sr No. Number Subject
1 Form 1 Application for Registration
2 Form 1 A Certificate of Registration
3 Form 2 Application for a Certificate of Enrolment/Revision of Certificate of Enrolment
4 From 2 A Certificayr of Enrollment
5 From 2 B Ceruficate to be furnished by a person to his employer
6 Form 2 C Certificate to be furnished by a person who is simultenously engaged in employement of more than one employer
7 From 3 (Part 1 A) Return-cum-Chalan (For theProfession Tax Officer)
8 Form 3 (Part 1 B) -
9 Form 3 (Part 2) Return-cum-Chalan (For the Treasury)
10 Form 3 (Part 2) Return-cum-Chalan (For the Payer)
11 Form 4 Notice of Hearing to an Employer
12 Form 5 Notice for showing cause to an employer or personal liable to Registration /Enrolment
13 Form 6 Order of Assessment of an Employer
14 Form 7 Notice of Demand for Payment Tax / Intrest /Penalty
15 Form 8 Chalan ( For the Profession Tax Officer)
16 Form 8 (A) Chalan ( For the Treasury)
17 Form 8 (B) Chalan ( For the Payer)
18 Form 10 Account of the Tac credited to the treasury by the collecting agent specified in the table in rule 22
19 Form 13 Notice of hearing to a person who has failed to get himself enroled
20 Form 14 Notice of demand to a person who has been failed to get himself enroled
21 Form 14 (A) Application for obtaining authorisation for working as a Recovery Agent under the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975
22 Form 14 (B) Authorisation to work as recovery agent under the Maharashtra Sate Tax on Profession Trade ,Callings and employment Acts1975
23 Form 15 Register of Tax collection to be maintained by a collecting Agent
24 Form 16 Appeal/Revision application against an order of assessment /Appeal/Penalty/Intrest
25 Form 17 Notice to employer or a person when it is proposed to pass an order which affects him adversaly
26 From 18 Refund payment order
27 Form 18 (A) Refund payment order
28 Form 19 Refund Adjustment Order
29 Form 20 Intemation to acceptance of a sum by way of composition of an office
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